My business grew from using the earth’s “medicine” to support physical and emotional concerns I had.

When traditional medicine failed to alleviate health troubles (years of abnormal pap smears), my alternative approach delivered mini-miracles.

For three decades I’ve self-studied holistic health. I turned my kitchen into a greenhouse of dried herbs, and my family into guinea pigs. (No animals were hurt.)

I received certification as an aroma therapist through Wisdom of the Earth, and certification in nutrition through Kingdom College of Natural Health. In the ever-evolving field of health sciences, I continue to study nutrition and essential oils.

With skillful planning and insight, I help you quit fad diets and adopt a lifelong love of proper nutrition.

I will guide you through the use and application of essential oils.

Your unique protocol will be clear and concise, without the inconvenience of expensive gimmicks, and unpleasant side-effects. (Those quickly recited disclaimers about decreased sex drive, temporary blindness, and internal bleeding do not apply here!)

And, since laughter is the best medicine, let’s do that too!

Consultations include support for 30 days.

General Nutrition Consultation $127
Issue Specific Nutrition Consultation $247
Essential Oil Consultation $75 (Consult does not include cost of oils.)


 “I just finished studying the last protocol (I read previously but really focused this time.) I think that people should be clamoring to your door!  You have such a talent for writing and “hitting the nail on the head”! and bringing things together in an understandable and usable way.”

                                                                                                         Mary Beth Slivka