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Pamper Your Soul – Create an Altar

You don’t need an altar to pray.  You don’t need an altar to meditate, unless, you’re someone like me.

Someone who needs a focus point.

Someone who shares a house with others and desires an intimate space.

My altar, and the few feet of square footage surrounding it, is my sacred space.  It embodies the calming energies that my soul craves.  It speaks of the people and things that I want to bring into my prayer and meditation.



If you too, desire a sacred space, to pamper your soul, try these tips to create your own:
  • My altar is a shelving unit that I found at a yard sale.  Whatever works for your space will do.
  • After you pick an altar, or an altar area, clean it. I start by asking for a blessing. I use some mild soap and water and add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture.
  • Clean it energetically. Light some sage and allow the smoke to engulf the altar. I ask that each time I sit here, that love and light surround me and that I reflect love and light back to the world.pamper_soul_altar_2
  • I give myself a few minutes of introspection to think about certain items I want to lay on my altar. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a piece of fruit, in gratitude for the food on my plate.
  • I always place a candle on my altar. I love this one from Danielle LaPorte.  It’s an Ayurvedic  soy based candle infused with essential oils.  The packaging is reusable too.pamper_soul_altar_3
  • I keep a journal and inspirational reading material on or near my altar.
  • I adore fresh flowers.  They are a reminder of the beauty that surrounds me.  I change the water daily and at the first sign of wilting, I remove them. (I don’t want stagnant energy in my space.)
  • A must have for me are essential oils. I get quiet, take a few deep breaths and tune in to what oil is “calling” to me. I trust the intelligence of the oil to know what my body and soul needs that day.  I then do an anointing ceremony.

Altars are pliable.  I change mine according to the flow of my life.  One day, there’ll be a rubber duck and the next day, a kaleidoscope.


Creating this intimate space is all about how YOU want to pamper your soul.

Altar dancing,


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