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Go to that Party – Armed with 6 Tips to Protect your Liver



I’ve been working extremely hard these past few months.

Invitations are arriving and celebrations abound.

In honor of my hard work and the memory of Prince, I’m going to party like its 1999.

Bring on the graduations; the weddings; the barbecues; the family reunions; and the vacations.

“I got a lion in my pocket and baby it’s ready to roar.”

You can join the party too. Just be sure to follow these tips.

The lion and your liver will thank you.

1. Jumper Cables

Lemon water: coffee for you liver. Lemons contain citrate. This citric acid boosts your body’s ability to flush out toxins.

2. Get Wet

Take advantage of the hours between waking up and arriving at the bar.

Drink an 8 ounce glass of water, and then another, and then another, and then another. This will help to minimize the dehydration effect of alcohol.

Take it a step further and have a glass of water sitting next to your cocktail. Give the water glass its due attention.

3. Soldiers

Green tea contains a large dose of antioxidants.

It contains catechins, which are known to increase liver function.

If you’re too hung over to boil water, or prefer a fruit flavor, try this minerals and antioxidants drink mix.

4. On the Daily

Milk thistle is an herb that contains antioxidants that help protect the liver from toxins. It may even have the ability to help regenerate liver cells.

If you’re going to join the party, I recommend taking it for the entire summer (no more than 3 months).

If you use the supplement on a consistent basis, take a four week break every three months.

5. Lube Job

What do all parties have in common? Copious amounts of food.

In support of this blog, I’m mentioning  a few essential oils distilled from herbs.

Pick an oil to use topically and look for these herbs on the buffet table:

• basil
• celery seed
• oregano
• pepper (black)
• rosemary
• sage
• spearmint
• turmeric

Apply 10 drops of the essential oil over the liver twice a day.

6. Head Bangers

Dehydration is the usual culprit of hang over headaches.

Aha, you didn’t pay attention to tip number two.

Saturate your cells with water and your headache should dissipate quickly.

If you pick the essence of rosemary, you’ve chosen an excellent headache remedy too.

See you at the party!

Dancing with Prince,

PS  Because I care.

Mixing alcohol (pre and post party) with acetaminophen can cause a huge overload on your liver, possibly causing permanent damage. Studies show it can put you at a higher risk for kidney disease as well.

Using aspirin and ibuprofen with alcohol increases the risk of gastric bleeding.

If you use pain medicine on a regular basis, discuss consuming alcohol with your physician.

ALWAYS assign a designated driver.

PSS Get my 6 tips on saving money with essential oils click here.

Disclaimer:   Nutrition guidance and aromatherapy are not intended as diagnosis, prescription or treatment for any disease, physical or mental.  It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

5 Essential Oils for Less Than $20


Lube Job

Essences can be expensive and there are many reasons why. A future Lube Job
will focus on cost variables and include more tips for saving money.


I never want anyone to feel that these beautiful restorers are not accessible because of cost.

Just because an essence doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, doesn’t mean that its not a therapeutic powerhouse.

What I find amazing is that a single essence can be beneficial for many issues. This list contains touches on just a few of the many issues that the under $20 essences support.


The Five for <$20

Orange (High Aldehyde) 15 ml for $19

I adore citrus oils. They are sunshine in a bottle. Whenever I’m feeling a little blue or it’s a cloudy day and I need a dose of sunshine, I head to my citrus oils.

Orange supports the brain and central nervous system. It is exceptionally calming and relaxing. She helps with nervousness and depression.

I put orange on Elijah before dentist appointments to put him at ease. It works every time. Kids seem to love her.

This hunky essence is wonderful as an anti-inflammatory. There are so many illnesses associated with inflammation. It’s good to know that essences can help.

Peppermint (US) 15ml $19

I use this diva a lot. Not only do I use peppermint oil for medicinal purposes, but I use her in D.I.Y. cleaners and personal hygiene items. I also use peppermint to flavor beverages and baked goods.

Peppermint is awesome for clearing out the cobwebs and helps to keep me motivated and focused when working on an intense or detailed project. I just put a drop under my nose, and boom! I’m refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle a project, head on.

Speaking of heads, she is fabulous for headaches. I will put a drop or two on my temples, and within minutes I feel relief. I always joke that if I accidentally get it in my eye, it burns so bad; I forget I have a headache. Tip: always tilt your head back when applying and be sure to wash your hands.

Crone life has given me a new appreciation for peppermint. She’s my B.T.F. (bed-time-friend). Peppermint acts as a body coolant. I put 5 to 10 drops on the bottom of my feet before going to bed and this helps to stave off hot flashes for the night.

Keep her handy this summer to treat insect bites and stings.

This is an essence that should be a main stay of the medicine cabinet.

Lime (Mexican) 15ml $16

Another sunshine oil that balances the brain and central nervous system is lime. Lime is a fantastic mood lifter.

I like to start my day with a warm glass of lemon water. If I’m out of lemons, I will substitute 1 to 2 lime drops. Like lemon, lime helps to restore a balanced pH level in the body.

Lime is known to alleviate and possibly repel skin parasites. I would be interested in seeing how she could address the bed bug epidemic. I think I need to call Ron, my go to exterminator. I bet he’d take me up on an experiment!

More than 50 extensive studies have been conducted on the anti-tumor properties of limonene. Lime’s primary constituents are limonene and eucalyptol (50-60%). My hope is that more funding is directed to these types of studies.

Cade (Prickly Juniper) 15ml $15

I just got turned on to this smoky diva. She is dark, rich, and mysterious. I’ve been “sitting” with her to get a sense of what she has to offer. Our “conversation” is not finished yet.

Her scent is not for everyone. She resembles the smoke from a camp fire, with a hint of camphor as an undertone. Elijah loves it. He says it smells like roasted marshmallows.

Cade is cherished for improving skin conditions. I’m told the list is long. Cade casts a far net in the sea of dermatitis. Try cade if you have eczema, psoriasis, or the occasional bout of dandruff.

Added to my list of crone drama, is hair fall. Uh, I shed so much; I could knit Lady Gaga a few dresses! I plan on using cade as a scalp massage. If anything, the dark oil will cover my gray roots. I’ll report back on the outcome.

Coffee Bean Absolute 15ml $15

Being the coffee addict, I mean, connoisseur that I am, I can’t tell you how happy I was to meet this essence. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased a bottle yet. “I’m coming baby. You’ll be amongst my cherished soon.”

Is it any surprise that this absolute is energizing for body and mind? It does contain a small amount of caffeine. However, this essence increases appetite instead of suppressing it.

Like peppermint, coffee helps clear the mental clutter. She promotes laser focus. She aids with depression.

Coffee Bean relieves aching muscles; combats nausea; and improves respiration.

Once I have my own coffee bean to explore, I’ll share the details.

The idea for this article started because my grand babies were sick with colds. I knew that when I asked their moms if they had any essential oils the answer, if they didn’t, would be, “Purchasing essential oils is not in the budget.”

Did you notice that out of the fab five, I didn’t list colds as an issue they address?

That’s because I don’t have to. ALL essences are anti anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and support the immune system.

This tag line applies: “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

This list is a great place to start your exploration with essences.

If you have any questions about this list or any other essential oil, ask away!  I love these types of conversations.



DISCLAIMER:   Nutrition guidance and aromatherapy are not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.



You will notice a common thread when I speak about oils.  I will refer to the essence in gender.  I do this because the essence exudes a Yin or Yang energy.
If the energy of the oil is Yin it is considered feminine, i.e., strong, nurturing, receiving.  If the energy of the oil is Yang it is considered masculine, i.e., strong, pushing, giving.

Essences are extremely complex.  Not only do they emanate Yin and Yang energies but their temperature can be Yin or Yang.  When I refer to temperature, this is how the oil feels when in contact with your skin.For instance, most thymes are “hot” or Yang.  When you use this essence, you must be careful, as it will cause a burning sensation to the skin.  You can avoid this, by layering the hot essence between two cool or Yin essences.
yin yang symbolThe constituents of an oil play a role in whether the energy or temperature are feminine or masculine and hot or cold.  A single pure essence can contain hundreds of different chemicals.  Each exerting a different effect on the body.For example, birch, can be both analgesic and anti inflammatory.   It is because of these complexities and dualities within an essence that make it impossible to replicate in a laboratory.  Synthetic chemicals usually  have only one action.So please keep this in mind when I talk about the Kings and Queens of the plant kingdom.

I want to start a  periodic Q&A with Lube Job.

Do you have any questions about using essences?  Maybe a particular oil?

Are you struggling with any health concerns and would like to explore using essential oils to address the issue?

Send me your questions and let’s explore these multifaceted boys and girls together.


Treat a Burn with Blue Chamomile Essential Oil



I’m a klutz in the kitchen. I’m always cutting, smashing, or burning fingers. That’s why I cook with wine. No, it doesn’t go in the food, it goes in me. It makes for a great analgesic. And I’m pretty sure this is an official rule in a French cookbook. I know what you’re thinking, “Well, Kim, if you didn’t drink while you’re cooking maybe you wouldn’t have so many accidents.” Trust me, I can be stone sober and hurt myself. What God didn’t give me in grace, he made up in charm -ha.

Not too long ago, I made a chicken dish in a cast iron pan. It went from the stove top to a 450 degree oven for one hour. When it was finished, I was careful taking it out of the oven. I placed it on the stove and removed the chicken to a platter. In the 20 seconds that it took to do this, I laid down the pot holder, FORGOT to pick it back up and grabbed the pan to prepare the sauce.

Even now, I can still hear my skin sizzle. I quickly turned on the cold water and let it run over my hand for a good minute. Next, I ran to my oils and grabbed blue chamomile and poured it over the burn. I immediately felt relief. Enough so, that I was able to continue cooking dinner, eat (albeit with my hand submerged in a bowl of ice water) and avoided a trip to the E.R.

The next day I had a dentist appointment. I told my doctor what I had done and showed him my hand. He was amazed. He couldn’t believe that there wasn’t any blistering. In fact, if I hadn’t told him what I did, he said he would never have known that I had picked up a “branding iron.” The skin affected was just a slight pink color. I had no pain at all.

Most of us are familiar with descriptors given to chamomile, such as relaxant, digestive, sleep-aid. However, her powers reach further than these “fluffy” characterizations. Her strength in dealing with skin issues is AMAZING. Cuts, bruises, boils, rashes, and scars will do well under her spell.

With any burn, use good judgment and seek medical attention if warranted.

Have you ever had a mind-blowing healing experience with essential oils? Any burning questions for me about essential oils? I love hearing from my readers, so don’t be shy.



DISCLAIMER: Nutrition guidance and aromatherapy are not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.