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Stop Telling Me I’m Broken

Let Me Fix You

I took a pledge this year, to not read one self-help book.

Specifically, books that send a message that I’m broken.

I’m so tired of the next best book that wants to fix me.

I certainly don’t need another “should-do” added to the list.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve needed some self-help along the way and I am ever so grateful to those pearls of wisdom that I needed to “hear.”

But I’m just days shy of 53 years old. I think I got this.

I like me.

I’ve got the basics. I have a spiritual practice. I exercise (well, I move) and eat well. I laugh, A LOT. Not to mention, that I have some awesome people in my circle.

What has been my best teacher?

The understanding, that as a creature of Divine creation, I am already whole. And as such, everything I need is within me.

What has been my next best teacher?

Listening to and honoring my intuition.

Everyone is born with this ability.

You know, those feelings you get in the pit of your stomach. Or that chill down your spine. That feeling in your heart, whether it be heavy or light.

We got into trouble when someone told or showed us not to trust it.

I must admit that I broke my pledge at 9 months when The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary caught my attention.

But props to my gut, I got the intuitive nod, that this was a must read. And besides, the Dali Lama wrote the preface. I happen to think he’s pretty cool.

Why would a woman my age be interested in a parenting book? If you’re knew to my blog, I’m the legal guardian of my first grandson. Parenting as a grandparent has its challenges in and of itself, so I’m a little extra villi-gent.

I also wish this book was available 30 years ago when I was a young parent.

Dr. Spock did not deliver.

Every page in this book offered a new perspective.

“No one tells us that the love between a parent and child has the potential to tear open our heart, leaving us at the mercy of the destiny of our children.  No one explains that if we are going to parent consciously, life as we know it will no longer exist, and the individual we believe ourselves to be will evaporate before our eyes.” – The Conscious Parent

As Will Hale, a family music entertainer, puts it, “This is the parents’ owner’s manual we always wish had come with our kids.”

If I had it my way, I’d hand this book out in maternity wards. That’s how much it’s needed.