Meet the Crone

Welcome to my world!

I’m a self-proclaimed crone; mother of three daughters, grandmother of four and guardian of my first grandchild.  Orphaned at age 16, I was instantly made a strong woman. At 17 years old, I already had my own apartment while finishing high school as a young mother.

Raising children takes more than a village. There are days when a team of experts seems more suitable.

I’ll be sharing the joys and struggles of raising Elijah. How we deal with his parents absence.  How we deal with the duality of grand parenting as the parent. I’ll tell you about our amazing and unique bond.

In other words, I have some experience raising kids and styling gray hair.

I’ll talk about aging (crone phase), menopause, later-life reinvention, with a dash of spirituality. And the day to day mundane and surprises that makes up a life.

I’ll tell you about how essential oils, nutrition and nature, play an invaluable and beautiful role in our lives. I’ll write an exclusive blog dedicated to essential oils entitled “Lube Job.”

My family has encountered divorce, addiction, depression, anxiety, and poverty. At any given time, chaos may ensue. Hence, my mission to live with essence, both literally and figuratively.

Life is an adventure. Some days, we’d all like to be spared a challenge or two. Ultimately, those challenges become part of the beautiful, messy, amazing people we are.

Living with Essence is admitting that Life loves to dance and I don’t want to be a wallflower. Messy or marvelous, here I am. I showed up!

Certified aromatherapist, and nutritionist, hippy, lover of rock ‘n’ roll, groupie when provoked, lover of sarcasm, bookworm, PBS geek, loner, self-conversationalist, self-entertainer (resulting from those self-chats), tree huger, lover of laughter, Chelsea Handler meets Marianne Williamson. I admit to the occasional swig of whiskey and string of swear words.

If my story resonates with you, please feel free to ask a question, follow me, or share my link with someone that has a soft-spot for crones.