About Me

A child, rooted in nature and covered in pinesap, I have always been a tree hugger and climber. (Admittedly, I haven’t done much climbing lately.)  Perhaps the nostalgic scent of those trees guided me to my current career.

Living with Essence grew from successfully using the earth’s “medicine” to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Perfection of the natural world is available to us in the form of pure essential oils and of course, the plants we eat. With my knowledge and background, I guide my clients in the benefits of the plant and tree kingdom.

For more than 30 years, I enjoyed the world of holistic health. I devoured books on the subject, turned my kitchen into a greenhouse of dried herbs, and dabbled in this hobby to promote my family’s health. When traditional medicine failed to alleviate health issues we faced, my alternative and holistic approach delivered mini-miracles.

I am a certified aroma therapist through Wisdom of the Earth, and nutrition consultant through Kingdom College of Natural Health. In the ever-evolving field of health sciences, I continuously research and study nutrition and essences.

With a little planning and insight, I help clients quit fad diets and adopt a lifelong love of proper nutrition. I will guide you with an essential oil protocol. I recognize time and energy limitations of busy days. My goal is to provide tools and advice to improve your health, without the inconvenience of pharmaceuticals, expensive gimmicks, and unpleasant side-effects. (Those quickly recited disclaimers about decreased sex drive, temporary blindness, and spontaneous internal bleeding do not apply here!)

Contact me for practical, simple solutions to improve your health. And, since laughter is often the best medicine, let’s share a hearty one!